Computer Repair & Support

Repair & Support for both Software & Hardware Issues

610 Web Technologies provides complete repair and support for all of your software and hardware issues. This includes repairing your software or hardware issues, installing new software, upgrading hardware components to improve system performance and performing computer tune-ups.

Installation & Upgrades

If you have new computers that need to be configured, software that needs to be installed or hardware that needs to be configured, 610 Web Technologies can help. It is important that when your systems are configured that everything is installed and configured properly. Rest assured we are able to provide profession assistance with any and all of your computer needs.

PC Tune-Up

Have a system that is a few years old and running slow? Have a newer system that just does not seem to be running properly? 610 Web Technologies will help you to evaluate the best way to handle your concerns. Performing tune-ups can range from installing additional memory, replacing bad hard drives and removing unused applications to free up system resources so that your computers run at peak performance.

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