Home & Office Networking

Wired & Wireless Networking

610 Web Technologies provides initial setup and support for wired and wireless networks. Both wired and wireless networks have their pros and cons. Business locations tend to go with a wired network while home users tend to find wireless a better solution in the home. Working with 610 Web Technologies, we will help you to determine which works best for you. Our highly trained technicians are able to professionally run cabling to wire your network together or install wireless access points to add wireless connectivity to your home or office location.

Home & Office Networks

Whether you have computers at a business location or at home, 610 Web Technologies is more than capable of assisting you with keeping your network running smoothly and efficiently. We provide technical support for configuring your network from scratch, to adding new systems, to helping you properly configure networking services such as Active Directory, File & Print Sharing and Network Backups.

Sharing Network Resources

With technology expanding rapidly every day, it is becoming vital for businesses both small and large to be able to share resources across networks. This includes everything from sharing files & printers to utilizing network applications, running web based applications, etc. Even homeowners are finding it a necessity to be able to share their broadband connection with multiple computers.

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